Warrnambool Eyecare provides full scope optometry examinations by experienced optometrists in all facets of optometry including contact lenses, children’s vision, low vision resources, indigenous health and ocular disease screening. All support staff maintain up to date knowledge of the optical industry and promote a friendly team-oriented environment strives to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients.


We have invested in the latest technologies to assist our optometrists to perform eye examinations that generally take about 30 minutes. Sometimes it can take longer, or you may be asked to return at another time, if you need extra tests to ensure you continue to see as well as possible.

At the start of the eye examination, your optometrist will ask why you are having your eyes examined, whether it is a routine check-up or if you have come for a specific reason. As well as testing your sight, the optometrist will check the health of your eyes.

By checking both outside and inside the eye, we may identify links to other underlying medical problems such as diabetes or cardiovascular concerns.

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The interior of your eye will be examined by shining light through your pupil allowing a detailed study of the internal structures. Your pupil reflexes will also be tested, as well as colour perception and binocular coordination.

The outside of your eyes will be examined using a microscope that will magnify any signs of infection, allergy, inflammation, injury or foreign material. If concerns arise, your optometrist may refer you to see your GP or an eye surgeon.

If you have them already, remember to bring your glasses or contact lenses with you when you attend an eye examination. After determining the standard of your vision and health of your eyes, your optometrist will advise you of what you need to see your best and how to maintain healthy eyes.

Individual and confidential advice regarding your vision and driving standards can be given. At the end of the examination, a glasses or contact lens prescription will be finalised and you will be advised when you should have your next eye examination.

If needed, you will be given professional assistance in choosing glasses or contact lenses including how to clean and look after them.

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