At Warrnambool Eyecare we utilise the latest technology in lens design to help you achieve the clearest vision we can give you.

Your lenses will provide you with clear vision and have durable, scratch resistant coatings. This lens technology reduces glare from reflections, reduces smudging and has superior scratch resistance.


In the past if you had a high prescription, you may find your eyes looking magnified due to the thicknesses of your lenses. HOYA has developed a powerful alternative – a premium high-index material that is lighter, thinner and stronger, offering a much more natural look.

Holding superior optical properties, these light weight lenses are the answer to comfort, aesthetics and reliability.


  • Lighter and thinner
  • Three times stronger than standard plastic lenses
  • Ideal for moderate and higher prescriptions
  • Offers sharp vision and all-day comfort
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